Statement of Faith

The Word of God, the Bible, provides the principle foundation for this society. The Bible in its entirety as originally given is the only infallible revelation of God. The following truths are fundamental teachings from the Word of God:

• God is one, yet expressed in three persons, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit

• God is the creator of heaven and earth.

◦ He created life and substance by a direct creation act.

◦ He upholds and directs all things according to His will and by His power.

• God chooses to reveal Himself and His truth to mankind.

◦ He reveals Himself through His written Word, the Bible.

◦ He reveals Himself through Jesus Christ, the Word of God became Flesh.

◦ He has given His Holy Spirit to lead and guide into all truth.

• Jesus is both truly God and truly man.

◦ He is the Son of God

◦ He was born of a virgin

• Jesus’ death on the cross is the only substitutionary atonement for sin.

• Jesus physically rose from the grave, breaking the power of sin and death.

• Jesus will come again.

◦ He will come to receive His church to Himself.

◦ He will come to judge the living and the dead.

• All men are dead in sin and need to be born again through the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit.

• Salvation from sin and condemnation is by grace alone. Grace comes by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

• The believer that is saved by grace has become a new creation in Christ. This is a gift of God.

• A believer is called to be a disciple of Christ.

◦ A believer’s submission to Christ will bring about profound changes and maturity

◦ The evidence of this is the fruit of the Spirit

• A believer is called to servanthood and evangelism.

◦ The Holy Spirit will empower and gift the believer so that he can be a joyful and thankful witness to the saving power of Christ.