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Some pretty amazing Canadians!

We’ve often said that our Guatemalan teachers and pastors are our front-line missionaries, as we grow godly leaders in Tactic and the surrounding communities. But we also have some pretty amazing Canadians on the ground in Guatemala helping to make sure Impact Ministries runs smoothly! If you’ve been on a short-term mission trip with Impact, […]

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Phase 2 Chamché Rebuild

Building a Brighter Future by Rebuilding Chamché

This month, we’re Building a Brighter Future for kids in Guatemala! And one of the ways we’re doing that is by rebuilding Vida Chamché. Vida Chamché, Impact Ministries’ first school, was definitely at the end of its life-cycle. After starting out as a family home more than 100 years ago, it had seen renovations and […]

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God is Healing Hearts

Hector spent his life trying to get his father’s approval, but nothing he did ever seemed to measure up. If you came to one of our Friends Events last month, you got a chance to hear Hector’s story.  How as a child, he saw his brothers brow-beaten by an overly-demanding father.  How he said to […]

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