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Evelin with her mother and sister

What does it take to build a brighter future for a girl like Evelin?

Evelin and her now-elderly mother live alone. They don’t have a lot – they didn’t even when her Dad was still alive – and they’ve made many sacrifices to keep Evelin in school. They are thankful for the sacrifices others have made on their behalf so that Evelin can have a brighter future. So what does […]

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First day of school at Vida Mocohan

Musical chairs

Have you ever felt like you were playing musical chairs? Trying to get everyone into the right seats isn’t always easy! That’s definitely the case when you’re trying to get students into school seats in Guatemala. We’re working on some exciting new changes in our Vida Mocohan and Vida Chicoy schools. You see, we found […]

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The New School Year has Started

The 2015 school year started with smiles for everyone.  While the children were eagerly waiting to begin the year, the teachers participated in the annual Consecration service where principals pray for the staff, the staff prays for each other, their students and their families, they commit their year to humbly serve God, and they worship […]

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