Did Keyser’s story break your heart?

Did you receive Les & Rita’s letter in your mailbox, sharing the story of Little Keyser? Did it break your heart like it broke ours? We’re so thankful that together, we are able to build a brighter future for Keyser and his sister – and for so many children like them. Because all kids should be able to attend school, feel safe and loved, and know God’s got their future. Will you join us?

Build a Brighter Future

Here’s the story that Les & Rita shared from Guatemala:

Little Keyser and his big sister Nayeli looked absolutely dishevelled when they showed up at Vida Chijacorral School. They didn’t have their school uniforms or backpacks with their notebooks. It didn’t look like they had slept much at all. But their mom brought them to school anyways. She knew they’d receive a hot breakfast there – and find a refuge from the fallout of a disintegrating family.

Keyser's family

For Keyser, having a school to go to means so much more than just an education. It is a place of love and safety after the scariest night of his young life.

Will you help us be there for children like Keyser? This Christmas you can double your impact while building a brighter future for children in Guatemala. Every dollar you give will be matched!

Build a Brighter Future

We knew that there were problems at Keyser’s home. “Teacher, will you please pray for my dad?” the 5-year-old had asked just a few days before. “Last night he fought with my mom.” But now things had come to a head. The previous night, Keyser’s parents had argued once again.

This time, as his dad stormed out, his grandmother decided to kick her daughter-in-law out of the house. The police were called to evict the family. Keyser’s big sister was crying, and Keyser himself tried to run away with a police officer in pursuit. Mom collected up her frightened children and left everything else behind.

The next morning, Vida Chijacorral was truly a place of refuge for Keyser and his sister. They filled their tummies with food and participated in the morning devotional, and as the teachers prayed for them, they felt safe and loved.

keyser worshipping

Keyser’s mother continues to pray for her husband – and for a brighter future for her children. She works long hours to provide for Keyser and Nayeli, and the family is currently living with an aunt so that the children aren’t on their own when they come home from school.

Keyser keeps praying for his dad too. He has hope that one day his dad will come back and they can continue being a family.

But in the meantime, Keyser’s faith continues to grow. School has become a place of refuge for his heart in the midst of everything that’s happened in his family. Keyser and Nayeli are happy to walk to school in the mornings – and they know God has a hope and a future planned for them.

Keyser and his sister walking to school

Will you be part of Keyser’s brighter future? Your gifts will be used for school construction – including new classrooms in Keyser’s school – as well as educational programs. And your gifts will be matched dollar for dollar (up to $100,000!) until the end of the year.

Build a Brighter Future

Please, consider donating todaybecause children like Keyser need us to be there for them when life is hard. Together, we can build a brighter future for children like Keyser.

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