Support Liz Lendvay


Since the beginning of the establishment of Impact Ministries in Guatemala I have been involved with the sponsoring of a student or students.

Les was the principal of the Christian school in Brandon when I met him & Rita twenty-six years ago. I was a teacher at the school. That is how I met them.

I came to Tactic in August 2013. In the first year I taught English to adult IM staff & high school students (Grades 8 – 12) in one of the Christian schools (Chijicorral).  I also taught Tim Peters Kindergarten in English.

This year I taught English to high school students (Grades 9 -12) & I also taught Grade One curriculum to Tim.
My passion is to teach. I taught in Canada & overseas for thirty years.
I enjoy teaching the Guatemalan students. It is wonderful to be able to develop a relationship with them.
The Guatemalan people are wonderful. They accept you for who you are. They are very appreciative of IM & the short/long term missions people with whom they come in contact.
They are an example to North Americans in their worship of the Lord.
My prayer requests:
  • Health & protection while I am stationed in Guatemala
  • To abandon myself to the service of the Lord & in ministry to the Guatemalan people
  • To learn Spanish
  • Financial support
Financial support required:
  • Rent $390/month
  • Approximately $400/month for food, gas, telephone,…
  • $1200 for flight to & from Guatemala


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