Giving Tuesday 2016 – Alleviate Hunger – Feed Children

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GivingTuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back.

Therefore, on November  29th, 2016, people around the world are coming together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. Considering this, through Impact Ministries, you can provide children in Guatemala with hot nutritious meals. What better way of giving back than giving hope to children!

As we enter the time when we celebrate Christ’s birth, we are reminded of  how much we have been given. Could you take that feeling of gratitude and turn it into action?

On Giving Tuesday 2016, you can provide food for children in Guatemala.  Food. It’s something we don’t think about a lot in North America. We always have it, whatever we want, whenever we want, and in abundance. It is life sustaining. Here in Canada, our options are almost too much to fathom.

However, in Guatemala, many people struggle to put a meal on the table. We find it very troubling to watch a child suffer. To see a child with relentless gnawing hunger and no  prospect of being fed in the next 24 hours. To see parents working hard, struggling to provide food for their family. We see this every day, and we are overwhelmed!

It moves us to action!

In light of the need, will you help us provide these precious children with food that sustains them?

Right now, because generous donors are matching your donation dollar for dollar, each dollar you donate to feed hungry children will provide 5 hot meals! How many meals could you provide?

Donate Today

Be the bearer of hope! Help alleviate hunger for children in Guatemala! By giving towards hot, nutritious meals, you are helping fill the shortfall that Impact Ministries is facing with the fallen Canadian dollar. As we prepare for the new year, you can help us provide each student in our schools with a daily hot meal.

Thank you! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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