Grand Opening at Agua de Vida Chijulhá

We’d like to share with you the excitement and emotion of the Grand Opening at Agua de Vida Chijulhá school through the eyes of Paul Haberstock, a teacher at Living Waters Christian Academy in Spruce Grove, Alberta – one of the partner organizations that helped make Agua de Vida Chijulhá school a reality:

Ribbon Cutting at Agua de Vida Chijulhá School

March 26, 2018.  It was with great emotion and anticipation that this day finally arrived.  Many people from three different organizations answered “Yes” to God’s call at a unique moment and the result was the development of a new school for the children of Chijulhá.  I was asked upon arrival in Tactic, “Over the years of planning for this school, there was opposition, but what kept you going?”  I didn’t have an answer.  But throughout the inauguration, as I listened to representatives from Southwest Community Church, East Parkland Bible Church, and Living Waters Christian Academy, there was something unspoken that resounded loudly.  There was a vision planted in the hearts of many people, many whom had never met each other, and it was an unquenchable desire to be a part of spreading God’s word through this school in tiny Chijulhá.  


The celebration was grand, held in traditional Guatemalan style.  Pine needles covered the patio, balloons trimmed the pillars of the veranda, music declaring God’s word echoed loudly in the hills, and fine Guatemalan cuisine was served to all.  Dignitaries from Canada and Guatemala alike shared the opportunity to thank God for the many miracles that had collided at this time and place and for the many people who will have a chance to hear God’s call on their lives from this location.


Perhaps the celebration wasn’t to celebrate the work that has already been done to prepare a piece of land to serve as a school.  I think the celebration is for the many, many children who will come to this place to learn about a God who really cares for them and to see a community of believers emerge from this humble, remote location.  What a great and mighty thing when God’s people join hands and work together to further His kingdom!


Chijulhá Inauguration from Impact Ministries on Vimeo.

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