It’s a great time to support a class!

Schools and classrooms are top of mind in Canada in September, as students of all ages head back to school. It’s also a great time to think about supporting a class! Why? Well, not only will you be building into the lives of a class of Vida students from now through their graduation . . . but you’ll also be able to support their teachers in a very specific way.

Vida Class with Teacher

For a limited time, we have a generous donor who has offered to provide healthcare benefits to our teachers alongside your support a class enrollment. When you sign up to support a new class at only $50/month, an additional $250 will donated towards our staff healthcare fund!

teacher helping student

In a society where healthcare is expensive for most and nonexistent for some, we are privileged to be able to provide health care benefits for our Vida teachers. Join us in making sure our teachers have access to the health benefits that they need.

teacher sharing with student

Pick your class today to support Vida kids AND their teachers!



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