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Ribbon Cutting at Agua de Vida Chijulhá School

Grand Opening at Agua de Vida Chijulhá

We’d like to share with you the excitement and emotion of the Grand Opening at Agua de Vida Chijulhá school through the eyes of Paul Haberstock, a teacher at Living Waters Christian Academy in Spruce Grove, Alberta – one of the partner organizations that helped make Agua de Vida Chijulhá school a reality: March 26, 2018.  […]

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Meet our first House Parents

Ericka has her hands full.  She has 3 boys under the age of 7 – her youngest was born in January.  She’s also the superintendent overseeing all our Vida schools.  And she’s a pastor’s wife.  Life is busy. And yet, Ericka and her husband Hector are expanding their ministry, rather than slowing down.  In December, […]

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Excited Chijulha students

First day at Chijulhá

Many years ago, while Elmer Poou – one of our original students – was still in elementary school, Impact Ministries acquired a piece of land in Chijulhá. Impact Ministries had big plans for Chijulhá, but God had even bigger plans for the ministry, so for a dozen or so years, the land at Chijulhá grew […]

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First day of school at Vida Mocohan

Musical chairs

Have you ever felt like you were playing musical chairs? Trying to get everyone into the right seats isn’t always easy! That’s definitely the case when you’re trying to get students into school seats in Guatemala. We’re working on some exciting new changes in our Vida Mocohan and Vida Chicoy schools. You see, we found […]

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Alba with her teacher

This is Alba

This is Alba – her favourite colour is green, she likes to play with dolls, and her favourite Bible Story is Daniel & the Lion’s Den. In many ways, she’s like any other 6-year-old. But Alba hasn’t had it easy.  Abandoned by her mother, she lives with her grandparents. Their home has a dirt floor […]

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Doctor examining young patient

Last-Minute Gift Ideas: Give Health

Still looking for a few last-minute gifts?  Our Christmas Gift Catalogue features seven gifts that you can give to make an Impact – with no wait times, no missed deliveries, and no trip to the mall needed 🙂 Today, we’re going to look more closely at the impact you can make through a gift of health.  It’s an […]

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