chijulha school building

You’ve prayed with us, you’ve raised funds, you’ve sent teams to help build . . . and now:

Vida Chijulhá School is ready to recruit students

Support the children of Chijulhá

As a special partner in the construction of Vida Chijulhá School, you have a unique opportunity to continue your relationship by sponsoring a student or supporting a class:

Support a Vida Chijulhá class for $50/month
Sponsor a Vida Chijulhá student for $45/month

We’re reserving a class just for Living Waters Christian Academy until the end of November!  That’s 10 (or more) class supporter opportunities and 25 child sponsorship opportunities available.

I want to support the children right now!Start my donation as soon as I’m matched

* sign up today so that our school is fully sponsored on launch day.  You’ll be matched with your class or student after school starts in the new year. In the meantime, donations will be directed to our Chijulhá School start-up fund.

excited chihulha kids holding up their drawings

boy from chijulha