What does it mean to build a brighter future?

What does it mean to build a brighter future for children in Guatemala?  Let me tell you about 15-year-old Zoila, who wants “to help needy children, providing love, and to fulfill the purpose that God has for my life.”  


Zoila now has goals for her future – to graduate from high school, to get into college to get a career, to help her parents, to help in the ministry of her church, and to follow God always.

Zoila has transformed from a child who had to repeat grade 2 because she didn’t complete her homework, into a teenager with an admirable attitude and good performance in her studies.

Zoila with her teacher

“Academically, she is an outstanding student” says her teacher, “and she seems to take pretty good advantage of everything they are giving her”

Like many of our students, Zoila comes from a low-income family.  Her father earns low wages at the quarry, and her mother works odd jobs such as buying vegetables to resell at the market, and taking in washing.  But they are doing the best that they can by their four daughters, all of whom have graduated from elementary school and have been studying in the high school program at Vida Chijacorral.

Zoila's elementary graduation

Zoila’s elementary graduation

In a country where girls often have to drop out to help their impoverished families, having Vida schools and educational programs allows girls like Zoila to stay in school, and to see a future for themselves.

Until the end of the year, donations to our  Build a Brighter Future Campaign will be matched dollar for dollar!  Will you help build a brighter future for students like Zoila?

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