Musical chairs

Have you ever felt like you were playing musical chairs? Trying to get everyone into the right seats isn’t always easy! That’s definitely the case when you’re trying to get students into school seats in Guatemala.

We’re working on some exciting new changes in our Vida Mocohan and Vida Chicoy schools. You see, we found out that over half of our 2017 students registered at Vida Chicoy were actually walking from Mocohan. So, for the 2018 school year, we are merging the Chicoy elementary school with the Mocohan elementary school. There is room for them all, and this allows us to be fiscally responsible in a community that now also has a public elementary school.

This merge opens the way for some exciting new initiatives next year: with a bit more musical chairs, we’re hoping to launch an enhanced Jr. High program in Chicoy in 2019! We’re delighted with the possibilities and look forward to sharing them as they develop.

First day of school at Vida Mocohan

First day of school at Vida Mocohan


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