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Orphan Care

Our deep desire is that the babies who will call this their home will discover the love of Jesus as they are cared for here.


Become an Orphan Care Champion

After many years of planning, preparing, and praying, we have now received official approval to accept children ages two and under into the Vida Children’s Home, and have welcomed our first babies!

We pray that the Vida Children’s Home will be a place of refuge, where love and hope will be offered and where lives will be transformed by the power of Jesus.

Currently, the need is great in Guatemala for a Christian home such as this. The situation is complicated, as the doors for adoption from Guatemala are not open as they used to be, and too many children are orphaned or abandoned.

Pray that the children entrusted to our care will feel a sense of love and family.

And join us in changing a child’s future by becoming an Orphan Care champion with your gift to the Vida Children’s Home.

We’re looking for at least 50 Orphan Care Champions to partner with us in the care of the children who will come to call the Vida Children’s Home their home:

  5 champions @    $10/month
20 champions @    $25/month
10 champions @    $50/month
10 champions @   $100/month
4 champions @   $500/month
1 champion   @ $1000/month


Become an Orphan Care Champion

Whatever amount you are able to commit, you’ll be showing God’s love to the fatherless and changing the future for abandoned children.

crib and rocking chair - we're ready for babies!

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Baby Joseph with house parentsVida Children's Home Site Plan prepared by Engineering Ministries International

grand opening of vida children's home