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As we stepped out of the van at Vida Chicoy school we could hear the sounds of energetic children playing in the courtyard. Rounding the gate, an explosion of cheering and firecrackers greeted us along with the kids holding each letter of WELCOME in English. More flowers than we could carry were thrust into our hands as we walked a path covered with pine needles and lined on both sides with more excited children. Another group of kids lined up for hugs and treated us to tamales and cups of cacao and pinol. Stepping into the classrooms we support, the students and teachers presented us with small gifts and told us about their students and school. An emotional and humbling reception fit for royalty. Precious faces and an experience not soon forgotten.



After spending time with the ministry, it is obvious God is working in life-changing ways through Impact Ministries in Tactic and surrounding villages. Educating the future Christian leaders of Guatemala is the primary priority but supporting churches, encouraging short term missions, feeding children, sustaining agricultural work, and providing medical and dental care to the students and their families are not far down the list. We decided to Support a Class because we could see the many needs that Impact is meeting and wanted to be a part of God’s work in Guatemala. In particular, we wanted to support the schools through encouraging the teachers with better salaries and resources. Over the past 16 years the schools have played a huge role in improving lives and spreading the gospel. Please consider joining us in contributing to Support a Class. – Kevin & Lisa E.

Video of Kevin visiting his class in Chicoy:

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  1. Seung ah Yi February 17, 2017 at 6:57 am #

    Hello, I am Seung ah who attend Edmonton Christian Chinese Church.
    There was a time that I heard the missionary pastor’s sermon at our church and I was so moved by the story how God works in Guatemala.
    I want to volunteer to support a class in Guatemala and I want to know about more information.
    Is it allowed to go individually and volunteer for a while…..?

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