This is Alba

This is Alba – her favourite colour is green, she likes to play with dolls, and her favourite Bible Story is Daniel & the Lion’s Den. In many ways, she’s like any other 6-year-old.


Build a Brighter Future for Kids like Alba

But Alba hasn’t had it easy.  Abandoned by her mother, she lives with her grandparents. Their home has a dirt floor and an outhouse, and they cook over firewood. Alba didn’t go to school last year because the money simply wasn’t there. As a descendent of the Qeqchi tribe, Alba could have easily become another statistic of poverty-stricken, indigenous girls who don’t get a chance at an education.

Alba at home with Grandmother

You’re building a brighter future for kids like Alba! This year, Alba graduated from grade 1. Her favourite subject is math, she’s made some friends, she likes singing in school – and when she grows up, she wants to be a teacher!

Alba Grade 1 Graduation

Our build a brighter future campaign for school construction and educational programs makes it possible for kids like Alba to go to school!

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Alba with her teacher

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