The Walls are going up in Chijulhá

Vida Chijulhá School is taking shape!  From the first brick laid earlier this month, to the walls that are currently going up . . .

First Brick being laid in Chijulhá

Walls going up in Chijulhá

Walls going up in Chijulhá

Can you already imagine these classrooms filled with eager students from the village of Chijulhá?

We continue to be thankful for the special relationship between Chijulhá and Living Waters Christian School, Southwest Community Church, and East Parkland Bible Church.

Here, the Living Waters team and Guatemalan students from another Vida School joined in a time of prayer and worship at the Chijulhá site after they completed their final day of Children’s Ministry in the area.

Living Waters Team at Chijulhá

In August, a team from Southwest will also be in Chijulhá, cementing their relationship.

Please continue to pray for the people of Chijulhá, the teams that visit, and the progress of the Vida Chijulhá School.



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