Impact Ministries


Impact Ministries is an inter-denominational ministry established in 1997 by a group of educators, administrators and individuals who share a concern for the impoverished and disadvantaged people of Latin America. Impact Ministries is a charitable non-profit society governed by a Board of Directors. Our focus is with the Kekchi and Poqomchí people groups of Guatemala. In the rural areas around Tactic, more than 80 percent of the people are illiterate and this debilitates and isolates them from the ‘outside’ world. Impact Ministries’ primary goal is to open up the Word of God to these precious people through Christian School Education.

The people of Tactic are very, very poor. The average man in Tactic earns a wage of 35 Quetzals ($5.00 Canadian) for an 8 hour day of heavy farm labor, dairy work or cutting and selling firewood.

Recently, Guatemala has seen a revival that has brought 35% of the people into evangelical Christianity. Historically, the Mayan people of Rural Guatemala have lived with a polytheistic blend of Roman Catholicism, ancient Mayan traditions and witchcraft, creating an oppressive religious spirit keeping the people in fear, bondage and ignorance. The Light of the World alone can dispel this darkness.

Impact Ministries is committed to loving, serving and discipling the people of Tactic.

Key Components of our Ministry


From Saskatchewan to Guatemala, with Love

Sometimes challenging times can motivate us to make an impact. We’d like to share with you how a grade 8 student from Saskatchewan turned her own challenges into a chance to make it easier for children in Guatemala to have the supplies they need to get an education: Danica describes herself as a girl who is […]

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Working at the Chijulhá School Construction Site

Earlier this spring, Paul Haberstock and the team from Living Waters Christian Academy in Spruce Grove, Alberta joined us in Guatemala.  Join him as he tells their story: We were all excited as the van laboriously made its way down a single-lane dirt track towards Chijulhá.  We had been working as a school community from Canada to […]

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Walls going up in Chijulhá

The Walls are going up in Chijulhá

Vida Chijulhá School is taking shape!  From the first brick laid earlier this month, to the walls that are currently going up . . . Can you already imagine these classrooms filled with eager students from the village of Chijulhá? We continue to be thankful for the special relationship between Chijulhá and Living Waters Christian School, […]

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Health Care

Medical and Dental Clinics Impact Ministries staff has been hosting short-term mission teams and medical groups from communities across Canada and the United States since 2000.  Impact Ministries operates a medical clinic in the community of Tactic, Guatemala, where visiting professionals from North America provide health and dental care to schoolchildren and their families. Our […]

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Short Term Mission Teams

Each year, Impact Ministries hosts 18 – 25 youth and adult short term mission teams from schools, churches and communities across Canada and the United States. In addition to a variety of cultural activities, teams work alongside the staff of Impact Ministries and participate in a number of mission activities that may include: Construction projects Children’s […]

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Church Planting

River of Life Church (Iglesia Rio de Vida) The River of Life Church that began as a small house church in Les and Rita Peters’ living room several years ago has now grown to three congregations, in Chamche, Mocohán, and in Purulhá. The River of Life Church considers itself to be one church with three […]

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