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Grow Your Giving

Agriculture feeds our students and is the cornerstone of our efforts to make Impact Ministries sustainable!  The produce that we grow is delivered to our school kitchens each week for our cooks to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for the Vida students – and the surplus is sold on the domestic market to help sustain the ministry.

What do you grow?

In our greenhouse in Chisac and the surrounding fields, we grow over a dozen different crops including tomatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, cilantro, corn, and even blackberries.

Local agricultural engineer Edgar Suc supervises our agricultural project.  We’re excited to see Christian Guatemalan leaders like Edgar training the next generation of men and women in sound agricultural practices and nutrition.

Why agriculture?

The United Nations World Food Program has reported that the chronic under-nutrition rate for Guatemalan children under 5 is 49.8 %, the highest in the region and fourth highest in the world.  Chronic under-nutrition in indigenous areas is 69.5 %, and stunting due to lack of nutrition is very evident in Tactic.  Despite living in a climate that is well-suited for growing a variety of vegetables and tropical fruits, most communities grow only corn and eat a diet of tortillas and beans.

We want Impact Ministries to be an example to the community in what is possible, while also supporting our daily nutrition program in our schools. Our prayer is that the food we provide for the body will also provide the opportunity to feed the soul.  May the Lord bless the harvest!


Sustainability has become a priority for our Guatemalan staff, and our agricultural project has been a significant contributor to our sustainability targets.  While the funds generated by this harvest cannot replace the financial support we receive from the many generous donors in North America, they will contribute towards the ongoing work of Impact Ministries.

How can I get involved?

Your donations allow us to purchase a variety of local seeds and pay the workers helping them grow into an abundant harvest!

Grow your Giving


carrot crop

Box of harvested crops

tomato crop


Special thanks to Houweling’s Tomatoes, KUBO Greenhouse Projects, and many other generous donors who supported our Seeds of Tomorrow project to make our greenhouse, irrigation system, and agriculture project possible.

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