Build a Brighter Future

 Our students need you to keep their dream of a brighter future alive even in the midst of natural disasters

Build a brighter future for kids who have seen their lives turned upside-down through a pandemic, tropical storms and economic hardship!

While Covid has changed the way we are able to reach students, the needs in Guatemala have not gone away. Although the supports may be happening from a distance, you’re still providing access to academics, a loving community, and affirmation of God’s faithfulness. 

Construction Projects

What’s a soccer field got to do with it?

Educational Programs

Regardless of how classes look in January . . .

Stories of lives you’re changing

You’re building a brighter future for these kids!

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Construction Projects

Your donation to the Build a Brighter Future campaign will support two construction projects this year:

1. A covered soccer field at Vida Chijacorral – doubling as a Covid-friendly structure

This large, covered, open air structure over the existing playground area at Vida Chijacorral School will help us meet Covid protocols at our largest school. Once schools are permitted to reopen, we’ll be able to use this structure to provide classes and devotionals outside

Of course, it will also serve as a dry area for our kids to run and play for many years to come – even during the (very muddy) rainy season. We know that physical activity and recreation are vital for the healthy development of children!

2. Deep Water Wells at Vida Mocohán and Vida Chijacorral

During the dry season, the shallow wells at Vida Mocohán and Vida Chijacorral School run dry. We have the water purifiers – but when there is no water in the well, the purifiers sit idle. Right now, jugs of water are trucked in for cooking with and drinking, and barrels provide the water to flush toilets and wash hands!

Your donation will help us bring in a well-drilling ministry that is able to drill the wells for less than half the cost of a commercial outfit, despite our remote locations

Educational Programs

Your donation to Build a Brighter Future will help us develop educational resources to keep our children learning regardless of what classes look like when schools resume in January!

These will include distance education resources, such as digital resources accessible by WhatsApp (the cheapest way to communicate in Guatemala)

Teachers, grouped together according to their subject strengths, are working together to make outstanding lesson plans, dynamic activities and excellent evaluation processes!

Once classes resume in person, this initiative will continue to provide resources to teachers in every one of our schools

Stories of Lives You’re Changing

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