Can you imagine a school without water to flush the toilets, wash hands or wash dishes? Where water for drinking and cooking is purchased in 5 gallon jugs for the school kitchen?

This is the situation two of our schools find themselves in every dry season. It’s not that they don’t have a water filtration system – they do – but when there is no water in the wells, the purifiers sit idle.

Vida Mocohán and Vida Chijacorral School have hand-dug wells. These provide enough water during the rainy season. But during the dry season, the water table drops and these shallow wells run dry.

Because we are in such a remote area, the cost to bring in commercial well-drilling equipment to dig a deep well is prohibitively expensive. But Servants Hearts Ministries, a well-drilling ministry, is willing and able to drill wells for our schools for less than half the cost!

Your donation to our Build a Brighter Future campaign will fund these wells – and provide life-giving water to children in our schools. Plenty of clean water transfers into healthier children who are able to apply themselves more fully to their studies!

Thank you for building a brighter future for children in Guatemala!

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