Christmas Card

As a child, didn’t you think the onset of winter was wonderful?!? It meant Christmas was coming! Somehow, in Canada, snow and cold weather and “Christmas” were intertwined.

There’s no snow in Guatemala, but the warmth enjoyed when family and friends gather together to share a meal and celebrate the birth of Jesus transcends the differences in our climates and our cultures! In the last few years, we have seen an increase in lights, decorations and ornaments, alongside the Guatemalan firecrackers and Christmas tamales. Guatemalans love to celebrate! And we love to celebrate with them!

In Guatemala, though, Christmas isn’t a happy time for everyone. In Tactic, during the holiday season, the children of broken, dysfunctional and abusive families often experience an increased level of suffering. Sometimes that’s from increased alcohol consumption in the home during the holidays. Sometimes it’s from feelings of loneliness and abandonment at a time when everyone else seems to belong. And sometimes it’s from hope-draining diabolical customs that have ruled this area for generations. It is for these precious lives that the Lord has brought us to Guatemala.

We love the way new Guatemalan believers have come to rejoice at Christmas, knowing their future is bright. Why? Because “Jesus came to rescue us – Jesus rescued me!”. The celebration has little to do with gifts and is mostly free of our “seasonal clutter”. Young Christians enthusiastically celebrate the freedom they have found in Christ. They know the Good News is just that – a cause for celebration!

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