Ericka has her hands full.  She has 3 boys under the age of 7 – her youngest was born in January.  She’s also the superintendent overseeing all our Vida schools.  And she’s a pastor’s wife.  Life is busy.

And yet, Ericka and her husband Hector are expanding their ministry, rather than slowing down.  In December, they moved their family into the newly-constructed Vida Children’s Home.  They’ve been appointed directors of the children’s home, and they’ll be there to welcome the babies and be our first house parents.

Please continue to pray as this dream becomes reality – and pray for Ericka and Hector as they navigate decreasing some of their current workload so that they can take on this new role at the Vida Children’s Home. 

“We have seen the faithfulness of the Lord in difficult situations both in our marriage, each of us in our own families and in the areas where God in His immense mercy has given us the opportunity to serve and bless the people in our care.”

What a wonderful gift of family they will provide to the abandoned babies who will come to call this their home!  We hope to be able to welcome the first babies in 2018.  

Ericka has already been training two people to work alongside her a assistant superintendents so that they can succeed her in this role. Hector now has leaders in place for 13 departments in the church, so that his load has been distributed to a whole group of upcoming leaders. We’re seeing leaders trained and stepping up – allowing Hector and Ericka to focus on their new responsibilities at the Vida Children’s Home!

Want to support the Vida Children’s Home?  Pray for the start-up process or donate here.
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