Chijulhá School Construction

We are excited to announce that Impact Ministries is embarking on building a new school in the community of Chijulhá (pronounced Chee – houl – haugh). The need is great to reach out further into new communities, and it is with thankful hearts that we are moving forward with plans to build this new Vida School.

In November 2016 we had the official sod turning ceremony for our Chijulhá school. You can watch the video here. Many children in Chijulá are eager to learn, but  have no access to education. They are ready to have a new school in their community! This is a location where Impact Ministries has long wanted to build a school. To this end, in 2017, the construction of this new school will be well underway, and we praise God for the opportunity to reach out to more children and families! Through this new school, not only will they receive a full academic education, but they will also learn about God’s love.

As we prepare, we remember that our mission is “To train Guatemalans for leadership by teaching biblical principles in such a way that they become integrated in their lives and effect spiritual change in their society.”

We are excited as we anticipate seeing new leaders emerge in Chijulhá – leaders who will have a profound impact on their community.


The story leading up to the construction phase of Chijulhá

Southwest Community Church (SWCC), Kamloops, BC - 320 Project

SWCC has been involved with Impact Ministries since their first mission trip to Tactic in 2004. In February of 2015  as small delegation of 5 came to install solar panels on the Chisac property and the Lord began to speak specifically to these team members about the possibility of partnering with Impact Ministries in a longer term project. 

Through an amazing series of events, Danica Fletcher spearheaded the initiative and in 2015, and SWCC engaged in what they called the “320 project”. The 320 project is based on Ephesians 3:20 where it says “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”

Through the 320 Project, approximately 100 people participated by each donating $320 to the building of a new school in Guatemala. We are so grateful to Southwest Community Church for the way they have contributed to the evangelization and education in the community of Chijulhá. Thank you to all of you!

Living Waters Christian Academy (LWCA), Spruce Grove, AB - Sister School Project

Living Waters Christian Academy sent their first team to Tactic in March, 2001. Since then, LWCA and Impact Ministries have enjoyed the experience of ministering together through many different projects (construction projects, health initiatives, ministry and evangelism).  Living Waters Christian School families know that enrolling a child in school in Canada is usually not a difficult ordeal, but through their time visiting Guatemala, they realized that in other areas of the world, it’s not always that simple. Over the last several years, the students, staff, and families at LWCA have had a growing interest in entering into a program whereby they could sponsor and support  a sister school in Guatemala. Living Waters Christian Academy’s vision is to be an international training community. They believe that committing to support Guatemalan students and families in practical ways has the potential to deepen the faith and generosity of their own community.  Fundraising began in May, 2016 to help build a school in Chijulhá, Guatemala. Each class at LWCA has been involved in raising funds.

“Chijulhá”, in the Pokomchi language means “”close to the place where there is water”. Along with LWCA, our prayer is that streams of living water will flow in Chijulhá through God’s people!

Here is a link to a newspaper article about the Living Waters Christian School walk-a-thon to raise funds for the Chijulhá school.

Read Newspaper Article about LWCA Walkaton


East Parkland Bible Church, Stony Plain, AB

East Parkland Bible Church generously raised funds for the Chijulhá school at their Missions Conference this fall.

East Parkland Bible Church has been partnering with Impact Ministries in a variety of ways. They sent their first short term mission team in July, 2012. This was followed by further teams and individuals coming to serve longer term in Tactic. Most recently, in Oct of 2016  a dental  team, led by Dr. Rod & Betty Giebelhaus, came to serve the staff and students of Impact Ministries in Tactic.

Support a Class Program with Impact Ministries

Donate to Support a Class – Learn More

Although we are moving forward with construction on the Chijulhá school, thanks to the three parties who have generously donated, our current greatest need is still funding to cover operating costs of our existing schools. Without meeting this need, we are unable to continue reaching out into other communities that are untouched by the Gospel. Your gift of $50/ month through the Support a Class program  can make a world of a difference. One step at a time, we will move forward and see the great things God has in store, believing that the next generation of godly leaders is waiting for their opportunity to rise up and impact spiritual change in their society.


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