Orphan Care

Change a future for orphaned and abandoned babies in Guatemala

Our deep desire is that the little ones who will call this their home will discover the love of Jesus as they are cared for here

Since the Vida Children’s Home received official approval, God has been sending us precious, sweet little ones.

Each one has a heart-breaking story. Each one has experienced trauma at such a young age.

The stories that brought them here are all different. They include the ugliness of mental illness, rape, poverty and abandonment. But each child is beautiful, and each is so loved!

We pray that the Vida Children’s Home will be a place of refuge, where love and hope will be offered and where lives will be transformed by the power of Jesus.

Some Orphan Care Stories

stories about the Vida Children’s Home shared on our blog

Why a Children’s Home?

and why Guatemala?

Future Plans

what’s next for the Vida Children’s Home

How can I become an Orphan Care Champion?

I want to change a future!

Some Orphan Care Stories

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Baby Joseph with house parents

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Why a Children’s Home?

There are a staggering number of orphaned and abandoned children in Guatemala.

The situation is complicated, as the doors for adoption from Guatemala are not open and there is not a strong culture of adoption or foster care outside of familial ties within Guatemala. To add to this, many existing children’s homes and orphanages are overcrowded, understaffed, institutional, and unable to provide quality care for each child. The need is great for a Christ-centred loving home in Guatemala for these vulnerable children.

For many years, we’ve held some of these children as we’ve done hospital visits, prayed for them, and shed tears over the lack of hope in their future. God has answered our prayers by calling Impact Ministries to a vision for Orphan Care. Through the Vida Children’s Home, Impact Ministries is providing a home and family for children who desperately need to be loved.

Future Plans

Currently, the Vida Children’s Home is operating out of the Baby House, which is designed for infants two years old and under, and includes bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and a play area.

The next phase of construction will include “casitas” for the older children to live in family-style homes separate from the babies. There are also plans to construct administrative offices, the Children Home Director’s house, and a common building that will serve as a dining hall and will facilitate gathering with all the children and the houseparents.

We look forward to all that God has in store for the children who are with us and the ones who are yet to come. We know that God has a plan for each one, and His plans are good!

site plan of the Vida Children's Home in 3 phases
*the rendering reflects the original name, which has since been changed to Vida Children’s Home

Becoming an Orphan Care Champion

As we welcome children into the Vida Children’s Home, we invite you to come alongside these little ones as an Orphan Care Champion

Your monthly support provides:

  • loving house parents and nannies to care for the children
  • a safe place to call home
  • access to medical resources

In short, a refuge where these abandoned children can be given hope and a future!

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