Even before Hurricane Eta – which is now a tropical storm – arrived in Guatemala, it’s effects were being felt. Yesterday, strong winds wreaked havoc with uprooted trees and power poles, and actually lifted the roof off of Vida Chicoy school. 

Today, the river running through Tactic has overflowed its banks, and much of the valley is flooded. 

Please pray for everyone affected by the flooding!  Les and Rita say they have no power, no water, and they can’t leave the Chisac site, but they are fine. Some of our teachers and school families have had to evacuate their homes because of flooding though.

Vida Chijacorral School is being used as a shelter and also as a dry location for people who need a place to store their things. Many of our people were already struggling to survive, and this now this pushes them over the edge. We are so thankful for the generous donations given for Covid Food Hampers. Our staff will to continue providing families with food – sharing the love of Jesus in this additional crisis!

Please pray for Guatemala, and for everyone in the path of Tropical Storm Eta. Pray that people would turn to the Lord, that they would sense His presence and love and receive His protection and care. Thank you so much for your prayers!

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