What percentage of the monthly sponsorship fee actually benefits my sponsor child?IMG_8994

Impact Ministries sends 93% of the donation amount to Guatemala. The other 7% is put toward our adminitrative expenses.

What specific things does the monthly sponsorship fee give to my sponsor child?

Sponsorship helps break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy by offering children a broad academic education at one of our Vida Christian schools. The children also receive a school uniform and a new pair of shoes each year. Each sponsored child has access to a package of services, including a daily nutritious meal, vitamins, and medical care, funded through additional giving to Impact Ministries.

How long has Impact Ministries been running their sponsorship program?

Impact Ministries has been working in Tactic since 2000.

How many of your students are in the sponsorship program? How many schools does this represent?

We look for sponsors for every one of our students! You’ll find information about our students and the Vida Schools here.

Can I write to and/or visit my sponsored child?

Sponsors are encouraged to communicate with their sponsor child through our Sponsorsoft system. As well, Impact has a special sponsor’s trip in which you can travel down to Guatemala and personally visit your sponsor child.

Is there a period of time I am required to commit to sponsoring a child?

How long you choose to sponsor a child is up to you. However, you have the opportunity to change a child’s life. You can sponsor your child as long as they remain a student in our Vida Schools.  For most of our students, this is until they graduate in Grade 10.  A few students continue on to our teacher training program, and they can be sponsored through Grade 13. We have many sponsors that have been faithful in supporting their child through their entire education.

Can I sponsor more than one child?


Do I get to choose which child I sponsor?

Yes!  You can see the children who are waiting for a sponsor here. Select your child.




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