For $50/month, you can support an entire class of students and watch them grow and develop as they progress through school

Support a Class

By supporting a class, you:

  • Provide additional support to our children and their teachers as they follow the calling that God has on their lives.
  • Enhance the daily meal provided to our students to include more protein (for many, this is their only meal of the day)
  • Strengthen our students’ education by providing classes with more resources such as textbooks and classroom supplies
  • Increase our teachers’ salaries to be more equitable
  • Enhance our educational facilities, as we work towards additional computer and science labs

You can write to your class, and you’ll get communication from the students in your class twice each year – and you can pray for your students and enjoy their prayers for you!

We’re looking for at least 10 supporters for each class – select your class today.

Support a Class

Support a Class

“My wife Jan and I were very excited to hear about the new Support a Class program with Impact Ministries. We immediately jumped at the opportunity and became the proud sponsors of an elementary class at the Vida Mocohan school. We learned that this community experiences much poverty, and that many children come from difficult family situations in their home.We were able to visit the Vida Mocohan school and meet our class during a recent trip to Guatemala. What an amazing experience! We witnessed first hand the beautiful work God is doing in the school. Students are learning to seek God, and there is a feeling of love and peace. They are also so thankful. We pray for them regularly, but this group of students has also committed to praying for us. What a feeling knowing that 20 children in Guatemala are remembering you in prayer!  It has been such a blessing to us to be a part of training these future leaders. We could not think of any better investment. We hope to be there when they graduate in 2028!” – Nick & Jan

Students with Raised Hands

Teacher and students waving

Student enjoying meal

Students worshipping

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