Years of hardship have prepared the hearts of the Guatemalan people, and they are hungry for the truth of Jesus Christ!

Where is Guatemala?

Guatemala is the northernmost country in Central America (right below Mexico). Its 42,000 square miles are made up of high mountains, volcanoes, jungles, coastal plains and tropical forests.

Where in Guatemala does Impact Ministries work?

Impact Ministries works in the highlands of Northern Guatemala. We’re based in the municipality of Tactic (situated 1,465 m above sea level!) and have schools and churches in the departments (provinces) of Alta Vera Paz and Baja Verapaz.

Who do you work with?

We work predominantly with the Q’eqchí and Poqomchí people in and around Tactic. Guatemala has a population of over 16 million people, which includes 23 Indigenous people groups that inhabit rural Guatemala.

In the rural areas around Tactic, a high percentage of adults are illiterate, leaving them disenfranchised and isolated. The people of Tactic are very poor. Men may earn the equivalent of just a few dollars for a heavy day of farm labour, dairy work, or cutting and selling firewood. Families often have many children, but a significant percentage live in a home with only one parent. Many parents don’t understand the value of education and prefer to put their children to work to help earn money to sustain the family. Impact Ministries is helping to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy through education and Christian discipleship.

Why Guatemala?

In the rural areas of Guatemala, more than 75% of Indigenous people live in poverty. Many children don’t complete elementary school. Local religions combine Mayan traditions, Roman Catholicism, and witchcraft, resulting in an oppressive religious spirit that keeps people in fear and bondage. Impact Ministries is focused on bringing help and the hope of Jesus Christ to the Q’eqchí and Poqomchí people groups of Guatemala.

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