A Brighter Future for Eliseo

As a child, Eliseo’s future looked bleak.  He had half a dozen siblings at home, and poverty was a constant companion.  He began attending a Vida School – but was only allowed to study if he would spend his afternoons collecting firewood and selling it in order to help his Mom with expenses.

Eliseo collecting firewood

Through Impact Ministries, Eliseo was able to graduate from elementary school, then junior high . . . and this year, he fulfilled his dream of graduating as a teacher!

Eliseo graduating

You’ve helped build a brighter future for Eliseo – and for all the students he’ll teach someday.

Will you give towards our Build a Brighter Future campaignBecause there are more kids like Eliseo who are dreaming of a brighter future!

Build a Brighter Future

Our Build a Brighter Future campaign for school construction and educational programs is building a brighter future for kids like Eliseo.

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