An Abundant Harvest

The land yields its harvest;
God, our God, blesses us.
Psalm 67:6

Do you have a garden?  What are you harvesting right now?

Our greenhouse and fields in Tactic are producing an abundant harvest!  And, unlike in Canada, with irrigation we can grow crops pretty well year round.

Here’s a list of the crops we grow:

  • zanahoria – carrots
  • acelga –  chard
  • rábano – radishes
  • chile pimiento – hot peppers
  • chile jalapeño – jalapeño peppers
  • tomate –  tomatoes
  • güisquil – chayote (a type of gourd)
  • remolacha – beets
  • apio – celery
  • puerro – leeks
  • cebolla – onions
  • ejote – green beans
  • arveja – peas
  • coliflor – cauliflower
  • espinaca – spinach
  • cilantro – cilantro
  • perejil – parsley
  • kale – kale
  • pepino – cucumbers
  • mini-zanahoria – mini carrots
  • maiz dulce – sweet corn
  • mora – blackberries
onion harvest
Harvest ready to be distributed to Vida schools
nutritious meal of vegetables

Doesn’t that sound like an amazing harvest!?!  Much of it gets trucked to our school kitchens, providing wonderfully nutritious meals for our students.  We know students learn better with full tummies!  The rest is sold on the domestic market to help sustain our ministry activities.  And in the process, we get to see the next generation of men and women trained in sound agricultural practices and nutrition.

Want to get in on the action?  Grow your giving by helping us purchase seeds and pay the workers who help them grow into an abundant harvest!

Grow your giving infographic

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