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Natanael and Wilder

Natanael & Wilder’s Mom was at her wit’s end

Natanael and Wilder’s Mom was at her wit’s end. The boys’ behaviour was going downhill, and as a single mother, she was struggling with their disobedience. Their Dad had ended up in jail, and she wanted better for her boys!  Long ago, her brother had attended a Vida school, and now Natanael and Wilder’s Mom […]

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Happy 2020!

We’re coming to the end of not just another year, but another decade. And, more than ever, we are excited to see what 2020 has to bring. In 2020, Impact Ministries will be celebrating 20 years in Guatemala. When we look back to where we started – a dream, 1 school, 73 students – we’re […]

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Christmas Card

May your Christmas be Bright

As a child, didn’t you think the onset of winter was wonderful?!? It meant Christmas was coming! Somehow, in Canada, snow and cold weather and “Christmas” were intertwined. There’s no snow in Guatemala, but the warmth enjoyed when family and friends gather together to share a meal and celebrate the birth of Jesus transcends the […]

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Vida Chijacorral elementary class with teacher

Last year there weren’t enough classes – let’s change that!

Will you help us build another three classrooms at the Vida Chijacorral School campus in Tactic, Guatemala? In the morning, Vida Chijacorral is full of our younger students. Children from preschool to Grade 7 fill every available classroom, energetically learning to read, to study, and, of course, to praise the Lord! In the afternoon, the […]

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