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The future CAN be bright for children like Rosy

As we’re kicking off our year end Build a Brighter Future campaign, it’s graduation season at our Vida schools. Graduation is always such a tangible reminder that the future CAN be bright for the children of Guatemala. The smiles can hide the backstory, though. So often, a bright future is hard-won in Guatemala.  Like for […]

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oscar with his family and a sponsor

Today is the Day

Oscar Max still remembers the short-term team visiting his home that day. He was alone with his sons when a group of foreigners and Impact staff showed up. The Canadians visited with him and his boys. They spoke words of encouragement and asked if they could pray for Oscar. “One day I will accept the […]

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Vida Staff Retreat

Renewed Vision for our Vida Teachers

In much of North America, September is synonymous with “Back to School”. In Guatemala, though, the school year runs from January to October, and our teachers are just coming into that tough back stretch!  That’s why it was so wonderful to recently be able to invite all our Vida school staff to a retreat – a […]

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Baby Joseph with house parents

Welcome Baby Joseph!

It’s been an exciting few weeks in Guatemala. As you know, the Vida Children’s Home received its official approval on July 9th, 2019.  Right around that time, a tiny boy was abandoned and brought to a hospital – the same hospital that we visit with our teams, the same hospital where we’ve cried tears over the […]

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Vida Children's Home cribs ready for babies

The Vida Children’s Home has been approved!!!

Yesterday, we received the word that we have all been waiting and praying for – the Vida Children’s Home has official government approval! After many years of planning, preparing, and praying, we can now accept children ages two and under into the Vida Children’s Home! Please pray with us that these cribs will be filled with […]

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Save the Date: RIDE Day is October 5th, 2019

It’s summer holidays, and your attention is probably focused on vacations, visitors, or what to do with out-of-school kids – but we wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity to walk or ride for Impact Ministries once those same kids are back in school. Impact Ministries has been accepted as an official Ride […]

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