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children playing at Vida Children's Home

Something New in our Children’s Home!

“We think she’s five. She was found wandering around barefoot and in her underwear. Her mother abandoned her some time ago and no one wants her”  “He’s six and his little sister is 14 months. They’re both terribly malnourished and he doesn’t talk. They were removed from their home because of physical abuse”  “She’s six […]

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Supporting Student Learning in Guatemala

Teachers around the world are struggling to figure out how to best support their students through this pandemic, and our teachers in Guatemala are no exception. But can you imagine preparing lessons for home learning when some parents can’t read or write? Grade 2 teacher Grisley Suc explains how the Vida Teachers have developed study […]

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Family with food hamper

An Update on Food Hamper Distribution in Guatemala

“Thank you for the groceries that you’ve provided for us. Thank you for being there in the midst of all that’s happening right now” Thank you to all of you who have given so generously to provide food to families in Guatemala! You’ve now allowed us to offer at least one food hamper to each of our […]

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What would you say?

What would you say if you received a phone call saying that a little five-year old girl was found filthy, wandering barefoot and in her underwear? Inquiries had been made. No one wanted her. She had been abandoned by her mother two years ago, and since then she’d been passed from one home to another. […]

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Natanael and Wilder

Natanael & Wilder’s Mom was at her wit’s end

Natanael and Wilder’s Mom was at her wit’s end. The boys’ behaviour was going downhill, and as a single mother, she was struggling with their disobedience. Their Dad had ended up in jail, and she wanted better for her boys!  Long ago, her brother had attended a Vida school, and now Natanael and Wilder’s Mom […]

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