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As many of you have heard, there was a volcanic eruption in Guatemala on Sunday, June 3rd that has resulted in loss of lives, much destruction and the temporary closure of the La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City (which has since reopened). Impact Ministries Canada has been in contact with our staff on the ground in Guatemala and they have reported that the staff, volunteers and teams have not been affected by this recent eruption. Tactic, where our ministry is headquartered in Guatemala is located approx 185 Km NE of Guatemala City and the Mt. Fuego eruption is located approx 40 Km SW of Guatemala city. As a precautionary measure, Impact Ministries is currently choosing to avoid travel to the Antigua area which is closer to where the eruption took place. Impact Ministries Guatemala will be monitoring the situation closely and keeping our teams updated as to any further developments. Please pray for all affected by this eruption.